Eastwood F-65

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Martin Guitar Company is known for making some of the best acoustic guitars the world has ever seen. In 1962 they produced a few electric guitars, the F-65 being the most popular and now quite rare as they discontinued production in the summer of 1965. We like it, and plan to get some into production with your support. However, we simply cannot do it with that hideous neck heel, so that will be the first of a few modern upgrades that will result in the Eastwood F-65. In fact, in 1966 Martin released the GT-75 (pictured in Burgundy colour), which was a retooled version of the F-65, with a bolt-on neck that solved the neck heel problem and introduced a new headstock shape. We plan to use the best of both models, slim tapered neck heel but with a set neck. We will also use our popular Saturn '63 pickups fro that Dearmond tone and look, plus equip it with a modern Bigsby B-30 tremolo with adjustable roller bridge.

If you want one, a $200 deposit will reserve one for April delivery. It will be available in a vintage cherryburst similar to the photos of this original model.

Final Price will be $649. Remember, all pre-funded instruments will include a gigbag.

NOTE: This Eastwood F-65 will have the Eastwood headstock and logo.

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