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This project is now complete. Any remaining inventory can be purchased here: http://www.eastwoodguitars.com/eeg/

Here at Eastwood we have been fans of Deerhoof for many years. Last year we contacted Ed and John to see if they had any ideas for a cool new guitar. "How about a six string version of your EEB Bass?" I loved the idea so we made a couple of prototypes. After many months of back and forth discussions and some great input from guitar tech Ian Bannerman, we arrived at this awesome setup.

Here is what Ed had to say: "I began playing the Airline Tuxedo back in 2009 and loved everything about it. Once Mike contacted us about collaborating on a new guitar there were a million ideas, but the one main desire was simplicity. On tour, we often use a random backline day to day and have very short sound checks. We need to adjust our sound on the fly, deal with bassy Marshall cabs, brutally cutting Vox's, rooms not meant to have music played in them, everything. We tour with one guitar each and limited pedals. We wanted a guitar that could fit our tough touring requirements. What's more, we are immensely picky about our guitar tones. Deerhoof is loud and wild but we want every note to be heard. The guitars have to be powerful but not overpower our quiet singer with icepick high-mids. The guitar needs to project a stripped-down garage-punk sound whether we're playing single notes, power chords or dense dissonant chords. We also need a good "vocal" type to double Satomi's melodies, which we do a lot. We hope you find the new EEG as inspiring as we do!"


  • Master Volume

  • Low Pass Tone (rolls off highs)

  • High Pass Tone (rolls off lows)

  • LP Tone Push/Pull (Single Coil/Humbucker)

  • HP Tone Push/Pull (Phase Control)

  • 25 1/2" scale, 1 5/8" nut.

Here is John's description: "Having all these options allows us to quickly shape our tone to match any given back line.  The High Pass Tone is pretty subtle and never leaves you with a super thin sound, but it just reduces the lowest frequencies, cleaning up the low end -- it's especially noticeable/helpful with distorted sounds. The single coil is slightly louder than the humbucking (which is a stacked single coil P90) setup and just has more glassy sound. The phase sounds good -- it's not as intense/quacky as, say, the Danelectro, but it's cool in its own way.  It's more subtle but definitely distinct from the "normal" sound."

The f-holes are cut right through the body, the headstock is see-through with side mounted tuners. This is one cool guitar and like nothing else out there. Get one. We will make them in White/Black as shown and Black/Black.

For those who are asking "Who is Deerhoof and why does Eastwood like them so much?" Watch this. 

Final price will be only $699 for stop tail and $849 for the DLX version with tremolo. $749 for Left-hand Stop Tail. All pre-orders will include a custom hardshell case.

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