Eastwood Custom Shop – How It Works

For a while now we’ve been looking for a better way to bring custom guitars to our customers. Each and every day we receive dozens of requests for customizations and special models. While some of the ideas are downright fantastic, we just can’t create them all.

While Crowdfunding initiatives are nothing new, this model is new to the guitar industry.  It’s a model we believe in, and believe our customers will appreciate and take part in. This will allow us to build more of those customer-suggested models and the best part of all – you save money every step of the way.

See our current projects HERE!

Still have questions? – please check out our FAQ page!


Every day guitar players like you from around the world make suggestions for new models. We take the best ideas and turn them into projects for future releases.


These ideas are uploaded to our Current Projects Page where you can reserve one with a small deposit. A reasonable funding goal sets the project in motion.


Once the project reaches its funding goal, we go to production. Four months later your instrument will be ready, you pay the balance and it will be delivered to your door!


Check out our FAQ Page or head over to our contact page. If you have a cool idea for a new model, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How Do Pre-Orders Save Money?

Because we get a clear picture of initial production and setup costs, we can better manage expenses at these early stages. It removes various levels of financial risk in the manufacturing process and therefore the savings can be passed on to you in the form of freebies for those who pre-order.

Why Do Things This Way?

In addition to the freebies, pre-orders help to ensure we have the model/color you want as opposed to our standard short production runs where we often sell out of the good stuff quickly. Or the flip side, where we get stuck with a model/color that nobody wants, which wastes money.

Can We Submit Ideas For New Models?

Absolutely! Please email your suggestions to michael@eastwoodguitars.com. If we think it will find enough pre-order customers, we will post it and give you the tools to help promote it within your social media networks.

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